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Your Muscles Need Protein!

Moving on to Growing Muscles and Making Gains! We'll talk about some things that have an effect on muscle growth and some tangible ways to make those muscles bloom to get stronger!

Did you know that what you eat – and how much you eat – has a huge impact on your muscle growth? It’s not just about lifting heavy!

And you have to eat more if you want to gain muscle! I know it’s so counterintuitive to what diet culture tells us, but protein is important and when we restrict calories, protein intake can suffer!

Here are some easy ways to add some protein into your exiting routines/diet;

- Add a Morning Protein Shake

- Black Beans to your salad

- Or if you NEED an afternoon snack at work, make it veggies and hummus!

It might feel odd at first to add calories to your diet, but if you make sure they’re not empty calories (like soda and sugar) and trust that your body will use them to grow the right areas…your muscles!!


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