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January is Around the Corner!!!

The New Year is almost here! 🎉

Let’s take advantage of all that fresh motivation and create goals and habits that stick! This isn’t about resolutions and lofty goals, this is a plan and a promise for your health and life that you will actually keep.

We’ll start out week one with Putting Promises In Place, to create deeply-rooted goals that you can actually stick to all year round. 🎯

Then in week two, we’re Turning Excuses Into Excellence to overcome the most common struggles you may be facing with starting and sticking to a healthy lifestyle. ✔️

In week three we are Winning With Winter Wellness! ❄️ You can’t take action if you’re sick, so we’ll have some great tips to stay healthy from all those winter germs.

Week four is all about Going From Mess To Success, because we’re decluttering your mind, body and home to make more room for what matters. 🗑

And finally in week five we’ll be talking about one of our FAVORITE things about Contra Costa Fitness….The COMMUNITY! Everyone here, whether virtual or in person members, they are supporting you, just as much as you are supporting and encouraging them!! Use that to keep you going!!

We keep working through the weekends too! Plan With Purpose Saturdays are all about tips and strategies to master your schedule. 🗓 On Saving More Money Sundays we’ll discuss tips for healthy living on a budget. 💰

I hope you are ready to start this year feeling motivated and ready to take action so you can KEEP your plans and promises all year long!! We’re excited to merge our communities officially on the website and on Facebook! Comment below and tell us what you’re looking forward to this month!!👇


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