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Self-Care Sunday - Exercise Plan

“If you’re not taking care of yourself, it’s much harder to take care of all of those you love.” - Modern Mommy Doc

I love this quote. We all know it’s true, it’s not new to any of us (or it’s sentiment at least) and yet how many of us are consumed with what we need to do for others and leaving what we need on the back burner?

We are focusing on Self-Care for Sundays this month and while among some of my personal favorites, Self-Care reaches far beyond “at-home” facials and bubble baths. Self-Care, to me, is prioritizing what you need to be your best self. This way you can be sure not only are you taking care of yourself, but you are also the best version of yourself to those around you.

Like I said, I love a good bubble bath…but I want to focus on a different spin on Self-Care this week…having a plan. Now, Rome wasn’t built in a day and since our first week we are focusing on Making Time for Exercise…I want to focus our energy on that.

If you aren’t quite sure how many times a week you should be exercising, or aren’t sure what TYPE of exercise you should be doing…I look forward to having you on our Coaching Call this week on Thursday at 5:15pm PST. If you do know how many time you want to be exercising each week, choose your days and times to do that.

Will it be in the morning or after work?

Are you doing a virtual workout or joining us at the CCF gym??

What day do you have as a “back-up” day, if your week doesn’t go as planned?

Put it in your calendar and make a commitment to yourself to hit that exercise goal this week! Comment below and tell us what’s your plan or post a picture of your plan! @Brandon and I are waiting to hear from all of you!!!


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