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Use Your Tracking Sheets!

“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” - Brian Tracy Alright so far this week we’ve talked about habit stacking with established habits and routines, plus setting timers for certain tasks or habits. Now I have one more method for you to try out. ☝️ Use a checklist or habit tracking sheet. ✏️ There are a lot of ways you can do this. Some people like an old-fashioned pen and paper or journal. Others might use a white board they can check off each day. And then of course there are apps where you can create lists for yourself and check them off on your phone. 📱 But one of my favorites is getting those chore or responsibility charts that you can get for kids. They are set up perfectly for tracking daily habits and are customizable so you can write in whatever you want. And this way you AND the kids can have one to get everyone involved in their own healthy habit goals. 😊 The other thing I love about these charts or tracking sheets are that you can see how you are doing throughout the whole week (rather than erasing and starting new each day). And then you can reward yourself! 🏆 I recommend setting a goal of around 80% completion of your habits when you start out. There will definitely be days you miss things, and that’s ok. So just set a goal that is motivating while also allowing yourself some grace. You can always bump it up as you get a better handle on your habits. 👍


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