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Theme Sneak Peak for May!

Lace up those sneakers because you were Made to Move! 👟 That’s the theme for May and I’m SO EXCITED to help everyone get moving -- and unpack all the physical and mental benefits of moving -- this month! 👏 Here’s what’s happening!

💪 Building Up the Body week is a fun foundational week where we go deep into the physical benefits of moving our bodies on a regular basis!

🧠 Movement’s Good for Mental Health week focuses on the mental benefits of regular movement! It does a lot more for us than just improve our mood and we’ll talk about it all!

💖 Exercising Self-Compassion week will help us to remember to take care of ourselves when we’re moving! No pain, no gain is NOT the motto here!

🍽 Food Matters for Movement week will answer the “what do I eat before/after a workout?” question and give you a whole lot more info about how to fuel your body to feel strong and healthy!

⏰ And we wrap things up with our Time to Move Forward week where we reflect on all the incredible things we’ve accomplished!

👟 Our Fitness Focus Saturdays will teach us about some fitness and mobility concepts and Step into a New Week Sunday will share the week’s steps challenge as well as give you something to focus on for the following week!

If you’re ready to move and improve your health, get ready for an AMAZING May! 😁


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