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Stomp Out Fear of REJECTION!

“No one should ever be afraid of failing; it’s being afraid to give it your all in trying that I urge against.” –Chrissie Wellington

Congrats on making it through another week! I hope you are feeling motivated from this past week’s goal setting. 🤩

Now let’s take that fresh dose of motivation and put it to good use, because this Saturday we’re stomping out the fear of REJECTION!

You could also consider this a fear of failure. It’s basically just a fear of having things not go how you had hoped they would. We’re all a bit scared of going for something and being rejected or not having it work out or just failing miserably. 😕

But nothing worth doing in life comes easily or without some rejection and failure along the way. It’s the persistence and endurance that make us stronger and make it so worth it when you do finally accomplish what we set out to do. 🙌

Bottom line is if you never take a shot at it, you never ask, you never dream big, then you definitely won’t even get close to what you want out of life. But even if you do give it your all and still ‘fail’ or get rejected, at least you’ll be closer than if you had never tried at all.

So sign up for that 5k.

Ask for that promotion.

Reach out to that person you want to connect with.

Start up that business idea.

Just go (all out) for it! 🎉


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