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Self-Care Sunday - Ideas!!

It’s my favorite day of the week because it means I get to end my day with Self-Care Sundays!! 💖

Now, I may not always do the same thing to show myself a little love on the last evening of the weekend, but I ALWAYS take at least 30 minutes for myself.

I don’t mean, 30 minutes to fold the laundry, check work e-mails or any of that stuff…I mean 30 minutes to RECHARGE my batteries! ⚡⚡That can mean different things, for different people and hey…even different depending on the circumstances!

Self Care can take the shape of planning and prepping your food for the week.🥬🌶️🥦 For those of us who like to plan…Plan out your meals for the week, however you want. Then you can feel a little more confident you can stick to your plan for the week of eating healthy!

It can be anything that makes you happy really! Sometimes it might be an at home facial (yes, I know a few men who enjoy that too…you know who you are!), a walk around the neighborhood to clear your mind and get the blood flowin! Curling up with a good book, listening to your favorite music and my favorite relaxation technique...a nice, warm bath!!🛁

I personally am sticking with my tried and true favorite combo of warm bath with my new bath bombs and at-home facial as I get ready for an ESPECIALLY stressful week ahead. Comment below and tell us what you’re doing to practice some Self-Care!!


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