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Sneak Peak of July Weekly Themes!

Are you ready to be who you want to be, do what you want to do, and live how you wanna live? 🙋‍♀️ This month’s theme is Show Up for Yourself 🤩 because we are DONE playing small, DONE putting our needs and wants on the back burner, and READY to be our authentic self! This is how we’re doing it!

Our first full week is all about Healthy Summer Skin! ✨ We’ll talk about skincare for your whole body – not just your face – how to keep it moisturized, how to take care of a sunburn, and more!

We follow that up with a week devoted to being Healthy From the Inside Out! 🥰 What you put in your body makes all the difference so we’ll go into what foods 🥗 to eat for more energy, mental health, dental health, gut health and healthy skin!

Shine Fearlessly week is focused on building up your self-confidence, deciding who you want to be 🤔, and becoming the happiest version of you! 😀

Our last week is dedicated to making a Change of Pace and Space and switching things up when it comes to not only how you move your body 🏃‍♀️ but also how you FEEL about moving your body!

We’ll have Show Up For Yourself Saturdays where we’ll get into boundaries, being proud of your accomplishments 😍, and more, and Simple Joys of Summer Sundays will help all of us get ideas for how to get every drop of fun out of this summer season 🌞!

If you’re ready to be unapologetically you and shine from the inside out, this is your month!


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