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September is Time to Get Back on Track!

Happy Monday!! I am super excited for our September Theme for getting Back on Track!!!

The sun has set on summer fun, which means the school year, fall festivities and new schedules are here. And with all those transitions, it’s the perfect time to get back to our health and fitness goals and become healthiest WHOLE version of ourselves!

In week one we’re going to Monitor Your Mindset by bringing the positive things in and keeping the negative things out.

In week two, No More Being Sore, it’s all about proper form and recovery to reduce soreness and injury so you can keep moving forward.

For week three, we’ll be Mastering Your Macros by learning what ARE macronutrients, and a bit of information about micronutrients, for optimal nutrition.

Week four is Help With Healthy Habits where we’ll establish the simple daily habits that keep us track with our whole health.

Finally for week five we'll go over how to Plan & Prepare With Care, with meal planning tips and preparing for a successful week.

And of course we need to stay on track even on the weekends! So we’ll have Hacks to Stay On Track Saturdays which is all about keeping track of progress and looking back to keep moving forward. Self Care Truth or Dare Sundays, we’ll have some fun making sure you are treating yourself with love and care.

So if you’re ready to get back on track, then you’re in the right place! I’m so excited to have and awesome month with you!

Comment BACK ON TRACK below to let us know you’re ready to GO!


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