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Progress, Not Perfection with Meal Planning

“Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.” - Craig Claiborne

Is this week leaving you feeling overwhelmed?

Feel like meal planning and prepping is just too much work and you don’t know how you can do it at all let alone very single week?

It’s okay!

I’m all about progress – not perfection. Instead of feeling like you have to plan out every single bite of food you eat in a day, try starting with dinner. Just dinner. Pick the recipes and just prep for dinner. Don’t worry about breakfast or lunch or snacks or even the weekend, but do your best to plan and prep your meals for your weeknight dinners when many of us are the busiest.

As you do that over and over again, it will get easier because you’ll find what works for you and what doesn’t. You’ll find your own tips and hacks for making it happen faster. Once you’re in a good routine of planning and prepping dinner, you can add in breakfast or lunch.

The most important thing you can do is simply try. Just try for one week and see how it goes. Believe that you can do this. Remember that you WANT to do this because you want to be healthy and happy. Think of it as an act of self-care because taking the time to make healthy meals for yourself IS taking care of yourself.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to reach out to me or the group and ask for encouragement. Many of us know exactly what you’re going through and would love to help!


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