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Play With Your Food!

“Everyone eats and drinks, yet only few appreciate the taste of food.” - Confucius

One thing that can really derail your nutrition is getting bored. 😔 Have you been eating the same things over and over? I mean we all like routine and having our favorites to turn to. But even for the most habit-prone people, eating the same things day after day can get old. And then you may be getting resentful of your nutrition plan or program. And when that happens, we tend to fall off track. 👎

Luckily it’s an easy (and fun) tweak to dial things back in again. 😃Start by taking the advice from our Guest today, Mari Suzuki and pick out some staples at the grocery store that you know your family enjoys, try prepping the Kitchen Wizard way and soon enough you will be mixing things up in an easy way and also start fully appreciating the fun of cooking vs dreading it!. 🥰

So get out there and find some new things and to continue being excited about your food and nutrition. Whether it’s trying a completely new food you’ve never had before, or preparing it in a new way, an entirely new recipe, or tweaking an old favorite – just have fun with it! Browse Pinterest, cookbooks, blogs and other helpful sites and aim to try at least one new food and one new recipe each week!


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