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Planting Some Personal Development Seeds

Let’s get ready for Planting Personal Development Seeds!

On Saturdays we’re going to share our takeaways, lessons, insights, etc that we gleaned from the PD book we’re reading. But first we have to choose one! Brandon Glass or I (and apparently Rachel Taketa also) can give you some suggestions based on your goals and where you are in your journey, however you may be wondering how to choose one?

#1. Consider the topic. Do you want to work on your mindset, habits, relationships, communication? Think about where you’re at in your own life and where you’d like to GROW, and choose from that area.

#2. Consider the length. If you’re not a big reader or you’re short on time, don’t choose a super long book. We want to see you succeed in reading and finishing this book this month so pick something that you believe you can read in its entirety.

Maybe choose a book someone else is reading. This way you have someone to talk to about it in between our weekly check-ins!

If there’s a book that’s been on your shelf forever that you’ve been wanting to read – dust it off and crack open that cover!


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