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New Beginnings!

“You, being yourself, unknowingly inspire others to be themselves.” - Mooji

It’s the FINAL DAY of our Show Up for Yourself month and the best way to end it is with a beginning! 🤔

The beginning of a new day that is!

One of the best Simple Joys of Summer is the early mornings. Those moments where everything is quiet before neighbors fire up the lawn mowers. Where everything is still except for the birds flying around in the morning sun. 🕊

The start of a new day is so magical because, at that moment, you have a whole day of possibilities waiting for you. You have so much to look forward to. Smiles. 😀 Laughter. 🤣 Getting things done. Enjoying the outdoors. 🌻 Making dreams come true. Crossing things off your to do list.

The early morning is such a simple joy, but it’s also an incredible time in the day full of wonder and excitement and anticipation! Enjoy it!

Tomorrow we kick off Going ALL IN so I hope you’re ready to end the summer as an overcomer, as an achiever, as a strong and empowered person!


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