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Meal Prep & Accountability Check In

“You can’t plan out life, but you can plan out dinner….and that’s better in some ways!” - Anonymous

I have to admit, I am not the kind of person who picks a day, does all my food shopping and then plan and prep all of my meals for the week. That’s just far too time consuming to do all at once!!

My key to success with meal planning and prep is 2 part;

  1. Sundays I look at my schedule for the upcoming week and plan out meals that will easily work with my schedule

  2. Sunday Night, while I make dinner (that ALWAYS has plenty of leftovers for at least 2 lunches that week) I also chop up veggies & herbs, measure out other ingredients and store them in the fridge for Dinner on Monday and Tuesday nights. These also always have left overs too.

This took me a while to find a system that worked for me, but I did it. This adds 20 to 30 minutes to my evening routine on Sundays, but it also gives me back 20-45minutes Monday - Thursday evenings.

I also use meal services like Daily Harvest and a new one I’m trying out called Mosaic Foods (thanks Brandon Glass!) that have heat and eat meals. This pretty much eliminates cooking throughout the week for me while also making sure I eat Clean and in my case also Vegan and Gluten Free.

Here’s my meal plan for the week! I would love to see what everyone else does for their meal prep/planning each week…feel free to share your plan or strategy to tackle Meal Prep and Planning in the comments below!


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