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Meal Planning and Prepping Moves Us Forward

It’s day one of our Meal Planning and Prepping Moves Us Forward week!

This can be seen as the hardest week we’ll do. Setting morning and evening routines are kind of fun, right? They make us feel good and happy or relaxed and calm, but meal planning and prepping? That can seem like work!

If you’re feeling that way, let’s reframe it!

First, you've already done so much on understanding how important routines can be. You've created routines or you’ve refined your own. You’ve created the momentum of making routines! You’re READY for the challenge of making meal planning and prepping a weekly routine of yours!

Second, try seeing meal planning and prepping as something just as important as getting things done in the morning or going to bed at the same time every night. In fact, it's the most important routine we’ll talk about this month because nutrition is so important!

When we take the time to meal plan and prep every week, we’re taking the time to take care of our bodies. We’re making ourselves a priority. We’re building momentum towards our goal of being the happiest and healthiest version of ourselves.

Meal planning and prepping might seem like more work than creating daily routines but it’s vital and important for our quality of life! This is THE routine to put into place!

How are you feeling about this week? Nervous? Excited? Did my pep talk overwhelm you?!


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