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Keep the Momentum Moving!

“Commitment is the ignitor of momentum.”- Peggy Wood

I’m calling our last couple days together Keeping the Momentum Moving! My hope is that by this point in the month, you’ve created, refined, and implemented some new routines in your life and seeing how they’ve created momentum towards your goals!

Maybe you had a goal of working out every day and thanks to your morning routine, you’re crushing it!

Maybe you had a goal to eat at home 5 nights a week and because you committed to meal planning and prepping this week, you’re doing it!

Maybe you had a goal to stop looking at your phone before bed and now that you have an evening routine, you’ve made it happen!

See how these routines can lead to you achieving the goals you set?

So today I invite you to think about some other goals you have and how you can incorporate them into a routine!

For example, if you have a goal to eat more plant-based meals, can you make it part of your weekly routine that Mondays are meat free?

Or if you have a goal to make some more money, can you add “reading books about side hustles” to your evening routine?

What’s a goal you want to achieve next month?


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