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Foodie Friday - Chia Seeds!

A great way to support your body when you are trying to grow muscle is as easy as adding in some Chia Seeds into your diet!

Chia seeds are loaded with protein, good fat, and omega 3s!! Chia seeds are one of the greatest foods (in my opinion) to add to practically any recipe too!!

You can make an overnight chia pudding or sprinkle chia seeds on yogurt for a boost of protein! My Personal favorite is adding Chia Seeds into a smoothie for added/undetectable nutrients, which is my favorite way to add these in!!

One tablespoon of chia seeds is 60 calories and yields 3g of protein. I’m adding chia seeds into my smoothie today to help support all the work I’ve been doing this week!!

Can you add chia seeds into something you are eating today or this weekend? What will you add it to?


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