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Foodie Friday: Beets

It's Foodie Friday!!!! This Friday we are celebrating a very underappreciated Root Vegetable....BEETS!!!

These bad boys are packed with some important nutrients, just looked at everything they have crammed into them and SUPER LOW on calories!! Not to mention these little guys are a great healthy carb to give you the energy you need to get through your day!

I know you may be thinking....ewwwww...cause if you're like me...I used to always remember beets from my grandmother who made beet picked eggs...bleh, gross!!

But, there are lots of ways you can prepare these bad boys!! I encourage you to incorporate them into dinner tonight, or a meal over the weekend.

Different ways to eat beets are…..

🥗Steamed, cut and cooled and piled on top of your favorite salad

🔥Sprinkle salt, pepper & avocado oil and roast ‘em in the oven

🥒Pickle them and enjoy them as a crunchy summer snack

🌭Pile on some Beet Saurkraut onto your hot dog or brat!

Share what you created with a photo in the comments below (and feel free to share a recipe too!!)


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