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Creating A Meal Planning Routine

“Food is really and truly the most effective medicine.” ― Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Ready for step one of creating a meal planning and prepping routine? Let’s go!

The first step is to pick one day a week where you do all the meal planning! Here’s what that can look like!

#2. Look up recipes. Make this something fun! Pick something new you’ve been wanting to try, find a new twist on favorite dishes of yours, ask your friends what recipes they’ve enjoyed lately. Write down all the recipes for the week and then write down all the ingredients you’ll need for each one.

#3. Go through your kitchen and cross off any ingredients you already have so you don’t buy rice you don’t need or extra produce that may go to waste.

#4. Clean out your fridge and pantry. If there’s celery that’s no longer edible or leftovers you’re scared to eat, clean it all out. It’s one less thing you’ll have to do after grocery shopping and prepping. Plus, it feels so good to open a fridge that’s neat and clean and organized.

By choosing to do meal planning one day and shopping/prepping another day, it’s less time consuming, easier to fit into your week, and easy to implement as a regular routine!


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