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Call the POLICE - No More Being Sore!

“You need to listen to your body, because your body is listening to you.” - Phil McGraw

It’s Friday! Which means it’s our last day of ‘No More Being Sore’ week. But today we’re going to go over what happens when you go from just being sore, to actually being injured. 😩 Even with properly doing all the things we’ve talked about so far this week, it still happens. One wrong move or tweak is all it takes.

Good news is that it’s pretty common so experts have figured out the best way to nurse that injury back to health and get back to crushing your goals. 👊 And it’s not what you are thinking. Forget the old “RICE” advice, and call the POLICE instead 🚨

P: Protection (like a crutch, brace or splint)

O: Optimal L: Loading (working the injured tissue appropriately to promote healing)

I: Ice

C: Compression

E: Elevation

Now if the injury is pretty serious, meaning you’re in too much pain to even move the area or things are getting much worse, then you need to see a doctor! But for minor sprains and strains, these steps could do the trick! Consult with a physical therapist or do further research to determine the best way to do optimal loading. 👌


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