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building up the Body Week!

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” - Michael John Bobak

Welcome to day one of our Building Up the Body week! 💪 Every day we’ll talk about one way movement builds up the body AND there will be a little fact about other fun things that happen when we move our body on a regular basis!

Today let’s talk about cardio endurance! That’s a fancy term for how well you do aerobic exercises – walking, running, dancing, swimming – at a moderate to high intensity. So if you can jog a couple miles without getting winded and wanting to pass out, you have great cardio endurance! 👍 If you get winded carrying groceries up the stairs, you have a lower cardio endurance. 👎

The better your endurance, the better you can do everyday tasks and the harder you can work your body because your lungs work better and your heart’s pumping more efficiently. 🫀 It also improves your stamina, bone strength, and immune system!

Ways to increase your cardio endurance: walk faster when you take your dog out, push yourself to run a little bit longer, or add an extra song to your dance party! 💃


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