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Bouncing Back

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle Let’s briefly talk about what to do when your routine goes off the rails! Life happens. You have to work late, a kid gets sick, you get a flat tire, things happen that can totally throw you off your game. So what do you do if you stray from your routine? The first thing you can do is show yourself some love, grace, and forgiveness. Feeling bad or beating yourself up doesn’t do anything good for your physical, mental, or emotional health so do your best to not even go there. Instead take a deep breath and tell yourself, “Unexpected circumstances are part of being a human. I am not a bad, lazy, unmotivated, or undedicated person. I’m simply a human.” The next thing to do is jump back in! Don’t let one or two off days cause you to give up on your goals entirely! Let’s say your car broke down and you weren’t able to get to the gym for 2 days. Once you get your car back, get back to the gym! Don’t shrug it off and say, “oh well. I’ll try to get into a routine again on Monday/next week/next month.” Throw on your gym clothes and get right back into the swing of things! If the last two days have you feeling some nervous energy, you may be feeling some resistance to setting routines so tomorrow we’ll go into what that means and how to work through it!


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