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Best Practices Before Bed Week!

It’s time to kick off our Best Practices Before Bed week! We’re going to spend all week long talking about evening routines so that you can go to bed feeling calm and relaxed and ready for the following day!

To start, let’s go over why evening routines are so important!

To me, evening routines are all about releasing the day you’ve just gone through so you can enter tomorrow with hope and excitement and renewed energy. Everything we go through during the day – work, family, working out, friends, stressors – all of that can really take it out of us emotionally, physically, and mentally. Evening routines are designed to help you release all the negativity, all the overwhelm, all the bad stuff that happened. They’re like a deep, cleansing breath for your heart, ya know? Just let it all go.

As you begin putting together your own evening routine, don’t make it feel like a chore. Don’t include things that seem difficult to put into place. Make it something you look forward to. Make it something you start to crave because it makes you feel so good before it’s time for bed. Make it something that allows you to let go of the day and fall asleep easily.

Tomorrow we’re going to talk about the most important part of an evening routine. Any guesses as to what that is?

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