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August Theme Drop!!!

Let’s end the summer strong by going all out on who we are and who we want to be! We’ll talk about overcoming plateaus, getting out of a rut, doing the scary things we’ve been avoiding, and getting out of that comfort zone! It’s time to say goodbye to who we were and hello to the best version of ourselves!

Week one is all about Challenging Our Comfort Zone by kicking things off with our SugarStop Workshop!! We’ll be avoiding sugar this week and learning how sugar can affect us, first hand!

Continuing into week 2 of our SugarStop Workshop for August we will be Dialing It All In On Nutrition and tightening things up in the kitchen! This way we can feel our very best by fueling our bodies properly and managing those pesky sugar cravings.

For week three of the SugarStop Workshop, we’re Going All In On All Our Goals! We’ll talk about how to set and work toward goals for every area of your health and wellness by focusing on your mindset specifically around SUGAR!!!

Week four of our SugarStop we’re Going From Rut To Results because it’s all about overcoming plateaus with your progress and results. A big way we’ll focus on keeping your momentum going is how to tackle the grocery store!!!

Finally in week five of our SugarStop, we’re Wrapping Up All Our Wins by celebrating ourselves and others! We’ll also focus on how to identify triggers and what you can do to keep on track with your success moving forward!

And can’t forget about the weekends! On Stomping Out Fears Saturdays we’ll have challenges to overcome fears in different areas of your life and All Set And Ready Sundays will be all about how to get set up for a great week!

If you’re ready to give it all you’ve got and go after your goals, and KICK SUGAR TO THE CURB then get ready because we’re Going ALL IN!


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