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Shine Fearlessly Through Self-Expression!

Yesterday for Shine Fearlessly week we talked clothing and today we're talking about other ways you can show up as your most authentic self! 😆

Self-expression is such a magical thing. When you show up the way you want to look, not only do YOU get a boost of confidence, but you give other people the confidence to show up how THEY want to look. It’s a cool ripple effect that occurs, leaving a wake of confident, empowered people in your path!

So what are some other forms of self-expression besides clothing?

🎵Music. Listen to that guilty pleasure and play it loud! Don’t worry that it’s not on trend or “so last year.” Music is for your enjoyment!

🤭 Piercings. If you want a nose piercing, eyebrow piercing, whatever, and you feel like it will make you more confident, more authentic, then do it!

💍 Jewelry. Wear a ring on every finger if you WANT to. Wear giant hoop earrings. Put on the chunky necklace.

But ONLY do these things if they feel good for YOU. If you like the way you’re showing up in the world now, then keep doing what you're doing! But if you're being called to change things up, then you do you!

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