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It's Nature and Nurture Time!

A new week is beginning and it’s our Nature and Nurture time!

How did you do with last week’s walking and water challenge?

Even a short walk outside can do amazing things for our health – both physical AND mental so keep moving!

This week we’re doing our Gardening & Grounding challenge! Get outside at least 2X this week and do some yardwork for 30 minutes! Mow the lawn, pull some weeds, garden, maybe plant something new! If you can, do it barefoot. Connecting our skin with the Earth truly grounds which means it helps us be in the present moment.

And when it comes to setting your intentions this week, look ahead and see what days or times you may feel the most stressed out and try to plan some YOU time where you get to relax. A flower can’t bloom if it’s not getting what it needs and YOU need rest and relaxing especially when life is overwhelming.


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