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Functional Movement Challenge Video 12: Pulses - Full Body

· Squat Pulse to (optional) Jump

· Push Up Pulse

· Good Morning Pulse

· Lunge Pulse to (optional) Jump

· Bent Over Row Pulse

· Birddog Pulse

You made it! Our final day of the Functional Movement Challenge!

This month you went from doing two super slow movements a day, alternating body parts to avoid fatigue, to doing a FULL BODY FUNCTIONAL WORKOUT!

That's pretty awesome, but more importantly, you learned some very important mechanics for the foundational movements that we use to do so many other exercises and functions of daily living!

If you keep practicing moving slowly, challenging your stabilization ability, coordination, and muscular endurance, it will pay BIG dividends down the road!

Thanks for being part of this with me, please reach out to me with questions!


Coach Brandon


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