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Top Weight Loss Service - Based in Concord, California


Want to know more? Get in touch!

A Safe Community & Challenging Workout for You, at Your Pace!

Respect. Community. Support.

Workout Classes

Welcome to your gym without the gym!

Finally; workout classes for real people and a fun, supportive community!

Every body and every life has it's own uniqueness; we're all working on something. CCF is a safe place to challenge yourself in an encouraging environment.


 Our studio is conveniently located at 1635 Challenge Dr. just off I-680 at Willow Pass in Concord.

1-to-1 Training & Coaching

Expert lifestyle guidance.

It can be hard to get started toward your goals. It’s common to feel stuck - the struggle is real, but you CAN do it!


Whether your aim is weight loss, fitness, or overall health, together we will clarify the steps, help you to cultivate good habits, and uncover the buried confidence needed to launch you toward your goals.

Expert fitness training

With years of experience in the clinical, sports, and recreational settings, my focus is to meet you at your level and identify your specific areas of need in order to customize a progressive program that will achieve your goals safely and effectively.

Gym Equipments
Smoothie Bowl

C(LEAN) Club

Workouts • Live Group Coaching • Meal Plans & Recipes • Monthly Focus • Daily Inspiration

We created C(LEAN) Club to bring affordable coaching and  wellness resources to our community.  Everyone deserves to have a body they love living in!

Our C(LEAN) Club members receive monthly workbooks and calendars filled with meal plans, workouts and inspiration along with the accountability and support that comes with our private online group.  We will show you what to do every day to turn that shaky ground into a solid platform so you can be at your best.


"Lost 20lbs during COVID!!! Thank you for all the guidance.  I am motivated to continue on this path because for the first time it's working for me, I just needed to do some serious behavioral changes.
Thank you for helping me find my confidence again."

Melanie M.


I believe in relationships. And it is my job and passion to provide you with a personal training and coaching RELATIONSHIP with a highly skilled fitness professional who knows you and cares about you. Ask yourself: "Do I want to work with someone who just shows up and gives me a workout one day a week?"

You deserve better.

Living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong fitness foundation. As a certified trainer, certified fitness nutrition specialist, and physical therapist assistant, I offer a wide range of nutrition and fitness coaching services including weight loss, strength and conditioning, post rehabilitation, active aging and geriatric functional strength and mobility training.


  • Certified Personal Trainer - National Council on Strength & Fitness

  • Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant - Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist - American Council on Exercise

  • Certified Behavior Change Specialist - American Council on Exercise

Health and Fitness Coaching Specialist - Brandon Glass
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