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Aligning The Body With The Heart & Soul



A personalized program that builds in accountability and community support to cultivate new behaviors around eating and weight-loss.

This is a comprehensive weight-loss system for people who want accountability, expert guidance, community, and results. 


Workout in your home, your backyard, where ever you choose!

This is a fun way to get a good workout.  Classes combine HIIT, circuit, strength training, cardio and yoga -  all via Zoom so you can get that class camaraderie in the comfort of your own space.



What do our clients think?

After my first boot camp, I became a non smoker. I was not able to make it through an exercise which scared me; in a way a blessing in disguise and haven’t had a cigarette since, one month tobacco free :) I’m also excited for Sunday’s now, as I would previously lay around in the morning not doing much. - Kathryn V., Oct 2018

Thank you so much for helping me get in shape after having my baby. You made me feel good about myself again. - Sharmel B.

Contra Costa Fitness is next level. Brandon is awesome and keeps you motivated like no one else. Every session provided me with a new challenge. It really transformed me and made me want to work harder and become a better healthier me! - Sylvia N.

When I started working with Contra Costa Fitness it was to increase my core strength so that I could start taking Brazilian jiu-jitsu without dying. I was working out on my own at the gym but couldn't figure out how to maximize my workout and get stronger. Brandon broke my workout down and built me up to a full TRX regimen, basic mobility exercises and taught me how to increase my core strength. At 41, I'm the strongest I've ever been. I'm now a 1 stripe blue belt in BJJ, and I have no plans on slowing down. It all started with Contra Costa Fitness. Brandon's enthusiasm pours through his work, I highly recommend this service for anyone who needs to change their daily routine for the better - Ed M. 


What is fitness if it doesn't improve your daily life? Identifying exercises specific to your lifestyle can be motivating and rewarding. With years of experience in the clinical, sports, and recreational settings, my focus is to meet you at your level and identify your specific areas of need in order to customize a progressive program that will achieve your goals safely and effectively. Whether it's tying your shoes, operating machinery at work, or climbing that rope at the next event, we can tailor your exercises to your life.


I believe in relationships. And it is my job and passion to provide you with a personal training and coaching RELATIONSHIP with a highly skilled fitness professional who knows you and cares about you. Ask yourself: "Do I want to work with someone who just shows up and gives me a workout one day a week?"

You deserve better.

Living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong fitness foundation. As a certified trainer, certified fitness nutrition specialist, and physical therapist assistant, I offer a wide range of nutrition and fitness coaching services including weight loss, strength and conditioning, post rehabilitation, active aging and geriatric functional strength and mobility training.


  • Certified Personal Trainer - National Council on Strength & Fitness

  • Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant - Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist - American Council on Exercise


Martinez, California


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