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(C)Lean Coaching

The Guidance You Need

Here's EVERYTHING You Get When You Enroll


  •  Week 1: "AMP-ing" Up For The Journey

  •  Week 2: Step Onto The Path - Activities & Intro to Meal Timing

  •  Week 3: Level Up - A HUGE Needle Mover

  •  Week 4: Sustenance - Mindfulness vs. Autopilot

  •  Week 5: Battling Monsters - Detox

  •  Week 6: How To Celebrate Your Victories - It's Okay to Treat Yourself

  •  Week 7: Setting Up Camp - R&R

  •  Week 8: Balancing The Load - Assess the Sustainability of Your Future

  •  Week 9: More Monsters - A Good Defense

  •  Week 10: Another Level Up! - Going Faster

  •  Week 11: Getting Back On The Horse - Solidifying Habits

  •  Week 12: The Path Ahead - Future Planning

Utilize A Powerful And Proven Variety Of Principles, Strategies, And Techniques to Ensure Your Success! 

  • The AMP Formula: The Most Powerful Tool Available To Facilitate Lasting Change

  •  12 Weeks Of One-On-One Coaching From Nick And Brandon

  • Access To An Incredibly Powerful Community

  • Weekly Live Masterclasses

  • Daily Results Tracking System

  • Daily Check-Ins And Accountability

  • Built-In Support And Encouragement From Nick And Brandon

  • 24/7 Communication To Coaches Nick And Brandon For Additional Encouragment, Support, And Accountability

I'm ready to take back control! 

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What Are Others Already

Saying About (C)Lean Coaching


Lynette F.

"This was so helpful!!

I got more out of this then from my years of therapy!

I'm proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished!

Plus!! My old pants fit!"


Belinda K.

7lbs in 7 weeks! No diets, no counting calories or carbs! Nothing crazy or extreme. Just looking to find MY groove and live a happy active life! Lol at 58, I'm learning to love and care for myself! 

tanya s_edited.jpg

Tanya S.

I've lost so many inches that I put my old capris on and wore them all day... And they were comfortable!

Before And After?
Taylor H Testimonial.jpg

I'm ready for my stability! 

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