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C(LEAN) Coaching

Now that you've scheduled a time to dig deeper into your goals, there are some things we feel you should know. (If you haven't scheduled yet you can do so here.)


We believe in relationships. It is our job and our passion to provide you with a personal coaching relationship with highly skilled professionals who know you and care about you. 

Because you deserve better than just a plan. 

You deserve a guide who provides certainty, peace of mind, and confidence

Our priority is to meet you at your level and: 

  • Identify your specific areas of need 

  • Create a clear vision of your future 

  • Provide you with the tools, abilities, and confidence to take the first step


Below are 3 simple steps for you to follow right now. 

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Step 1: Listen To This Message

Step 2: Be Prepared

Our call should already be booked at this point, so I'll be waiting for you at the exact time we scheduled for on Zoom. The link is provided in the email and in your calendar and will bring you straight to our call.

Lastly, for our call, try to be in a quiet room with no distractions and come with something to take notes with.

Step 3: 
Please watch these videos before our call

What do you want your story to look like?
Have You Tried Everything???
Are you looking for certainty?
How are you showing up?

Lynette F.

"This was so helpful!!

I got more out of this then from my years of therapy!

I'm proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished!

Plus!! My old pants fit!"


Belinda K.

7lbs in 7 weeks! No diets, no counting calories or carbs! Nothing crazy or extreme. Just looking to find MY groove and live a happy active life! Lol at 58, I'm learning to love and care for myself! 

tanya s_edited.jpg

Tanya S.

I've lost so many inches that I put my old capris on and wore them all day... And they were comfortable!

What Are People Saying About Us?
Before And After?

The Guidance You Need

What we want is for you to know the way to where you want to be.

Below you'll find a calendar, and a quick instructional video from Nick on how to book a free Discovery Call with Brandon.

Taylor H Testimonial.jpg

We're looking forward to helping you gain stability and confidence in your life, because when you have that sort of stability, you have a solid platform from which you can launch into unlimited growth

And we'll find that together!

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