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How Healthy is Your Tribe?

Today we’re focusing on the Healthy Tribes part of our Good Vibes and Healthy Tribes week! We all have moments where we’re sweating the small stuff, when we feel overwhelmed , and the best tool you can have to help you combat those worries is surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good!

Having a healthy tribe ‘round you – those who encourage you, empower you, walk with you through your struggles and celebrate your accomplishments – are KEY to being a boss at life!

If you have those people in your life – send them a note to say and tell them how much you appreciate them!

If you don’t really have that tribe, start meeting people! There are tons of meetups and classes in your neighborhood where you can connect with like-minded people!

For me, I found my healthy tribe with my supportive hubby Kyle, Brandon Glass , Elizabeth Cheap and all of you here in the Clean Club and with Contra Costa Fitness!! I love being part of this team because we understand the rise and falls of staying healthy and we are always there to support EACH OTHER!!!

Thank you to all of you for being part of my tribe here, so much so I keep inviting my friends to be part of what we're doing because I want them to experience it too!

How do you feel having Brandon Glass and I as part of your tribe? Would love to hear what has been most helpful adding us to the mix!! Tell us in the comments below!!


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