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Create a Strong Why

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi

As we close out our Meal Planning and Prepping Moves Us Forward Week, I want us to tap into our why for our nutrition goals.

We did this for our morning routine week back in the beginning of the month but I think it’s important to revisit it here too because tackling a routine of meal planning and prepping can feel overwhelming.

Why do you want to get into a routine of meal planning and prepping?

Is it to create some me time for yourself every week where it’s just you in the kitchen doing your thing?

Is it because you’re tired of feeling so rushed at dinner time?

Is it because you’ve got the working out regularly routine down and you want to add on to that?

If you don’t have a strong why for doing this work – because it can be a lot of work at first – it’s going to be hard to really cement it into your weekly routine. A tip for creating a strong why is to attach your reason for meal planning and prepping to something deeper. Something with feeling.

Do you want to feel calmer when you get home from work and have to make dinner?

Do you want to feel in control of your food choices instead of your stress and feelings controlling you?

Do you want to feel healthy instead of bloated and gassy after you eat?

Find a why and attach a feeling to it so what when the weekend rolls around and it’s time to grocery shop, you’ve built enough momentum to get up and head out!


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