Hustle At Home With Coaches Brandon, Beth, & Eden!

Shred calories and stay strong and lean with the C(LEAN)FIT community!

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LIVE online Yoga, HIIT, Kickboxing, Combat and more...offered 8 times a week!

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Yoga at Home

Class Calendar


7am 60 min. Rejuvenation Yoga w/ Beth


9am 30 min. Functional HIIT w/ Brandon

5:15 pm: Strength & Cardio Kickboxing w/ Eden


7am 60 min. Combat w/ Beth


9am 30 min. Functional HIIT w/ Brandon

5:15 pm: Strength & Cardio Kickboxing w/ Eden


8am 60 min. FitPump w/ Beth

9am Rejuvenation Yoga w/ Beth




Hit it fast and hard with Coach Brandon's 30 minutes of high-intensity, full-body work, focusing on the foundational functional movements that make us better at everything from recreational pursuits to elite sport performance!

Equipment needed:

  • Mat

  • Mid-weight dumbbells

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Rejuvenation Yoga

Start your day feeling motivated and energized with Beth's refreshing morning eye-opener! Beth brings her uplifting, no-nonsense (with a smile!) style and energy to her Monday & Saturday Rejuvenation Yoga!

Equipment needed:

  • Mat


Coach Beth brings a high-energy full-body workout using lighter weights and higher reps to develop that lean muscle, increase core strength, and improve bone health!

Equipment needed:

  • Dumbbells - 5-10lbs (a variety of weights if available)

Strength + Cardio Kickboxing

Coach Eden's 45 Minute Full body, heart pounding, workout will get you sweating and scorching calories!  If you are ready to sweat it out, burn calories and blast away fat all while HAVING FUN then this is the perfect class for YOU!

Equipment needed:

  • Light/medium dumbbells or resistance bands.


A real fan-favorite! Coach Beth-leads a high-energy, calorie torching, martial arts-inspired cardio workout that targets every muscle group!


No equipment needed


Meet The Team


Brandon Glass

Brandon started his bootcamp career leading classes of veterans at the VA and continued to follow his passion for group instruction when he founded Contra Costa Fitness. With his extensive background in Physical Therapy, Brandon believes the foundations of physical fitness lie in functional movement patterns, which he employs to produce a unique, high-energy workout that creates lean, strong, capable bodies! 


Brandon also provides online weight loss coaching and customized personal training. Schedule with me here to explore with me exactly what you need


Beth Stage

Since 2014 Beth has dedicated herself to her passion of helping individuals achieve their fitness and health goals through the power group fitness and yoga. She prides herself on bringing high-energy, form-focused, functional fitness to your daily life along with a mindful yoga practice to help you achieve that balance that is so crucial to all you do!


Eden Reid

Eden has a lifetime passion for fitness and healthy living. Her extensive coaching experience started 6 years ago as a high school cheer coach. Eden is a certified personal trainer with a love for kickboxing and years of experience teaching group kickboxing classes and running a studio. Her combination of strength and cardio and ability to make workouts fun will have you sweating, scorching calories and excited to come back for more!