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Bootcamp Platform Change Q&A


Why the move? 

We've evaluated what online platform would give our members the BEST experience. While Zoom may be convenient for some, it was not designed for virtual fitness classes. With Moxie clients can browse the schedule, schedule classes, attend classes (live or on-demand), message instructors, and pay for classes/ memberships all from one easy to use platform! 


• Easy access to your favorite instructors' live classes and videos
• Enhanced virtual studio experience
• Reserve and attend classes included in your subscription plan
• Enjoy a personalized home page and class schedule


What does this mean for my membership?

For the month of July we will be offering all of our classes on Moxie via a "Flex Pay" option. meaning there is a suggested class amount at the end of class, but members do NOT have to pay anything to take classes on Moxie in July! This will give us time to transition all of our memberships from PayPal to the Moxie subscriptions. After July we will have classes offered at a $10 drop in rate, but don't worry...as a member you will have access to all classes (live and on-demand) via your subscription! 


How do I move my membership to Moxie? 

We will be emailing all bootcamp members individually as your July renewal date approaches with a link to the new Moxie subscription to renew! 


How do I sign up for Moxie?

To create a new account you simply go to: https://get.moxie.xyz/contracostafitness and create a new account! Bonus...sign up before June 30th and get $25 off your first month's subscription on Moxie! 



How do I sign up for classes on Moxie? 

Simple! Go to https://moxie.xyz/ccf and scroll down to the class you want to take, click that class and then hit the "Reserve" button! 















What if I need to cancel a class?

Easy peasy! Just go into your Moxie account and cancel! As a member, there is no penalty for missing a class, but if you miss make sure you watch the video on demand (if available) to get your workout in! 


Now, if you have any other questions please don't be shy! Our goal is to create a smooth transition to a new and exciting platform that will give our members the BEST experience we can provide! It's our job to bring the fire to each class, but now we will have a platform that supports our members first mentality! 


Looking forward to continuing growing with you and growing this incredible fitness community! 



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